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Aug 28, 2020 – CHUBBY FISH: August & Planning for September Bluefin Tuna harvest (commercial)

Chubby Fish Inc

  · USA BFT Update regarding Chubby Fish buying schedule….

We started this year with great intentions to preserve quota for later in the season when fish are generally fatter, and get farther away from the peak of Covid here and abroad. We, the dealers, have been asked for years by fishers to work together to better manage the quota. Chubby, NAT, Compass and Reds agreed to a 3 day buy week to slow the volume and try to keep the domestic market from being oversupplied. Sea Fresh wanted a 4 day buy week which wasn’t ideal, but in order to keep peace and the goal to preserve quota for later, we acquiesced.

What was not anticipated was the level of effort and volume to be landed 7 days a week. In the end, some buyers and fishermen took advantage of the situation. We tried (NAT, Compass, Reds, and Chubby) and did what we all felt was not only best but what fishermen have asked us to do. I can’t argue our actions didn’t help extend the quota, they did. But it came at the cost of our customers being quoted from the non participating dealers on no buying days, a significant reduction in volume of fish handled from the participating dealers, and many fishermen landing fewer fish and watching others unload.

We will be laying out our plans tomorrow relative to September. We will most likely follow the other 3 dealers in a 4 day buy week, but we may also increase to 5 days (along with SF) with 2 days of rest. As weather becomes an issue in the fall, we might even have to be open to a non fixed day schedule to maintain 4-5 days of production. We will post our September schedule this weekend. Thank you

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Aug 27, 2020 – Now Tropical Storm Laura

As 5NDBCDFW Stated:

This is the strongest hurricane that residents of Louisiana have seen in their lifetimes, based on wind speeds. Laura is the seventh major Hurricane to hit the state of Louisiana since records began in 1851. A major hurricane is a hurricane of Category 3 strength or higher.
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